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Winter is Dead (Long Live the Spring!)

18 Mar

I’m done with The Polar Vortex… Polar Vortex II… Revenge of the Polar Vortex and all those other blood-freezing episodes that kept plunging us back into an icy snow pit of despair, just when we thought we’d seen the worst of Winter 2013-14.

A Race Through Wine Country

7 Feb

People have many reasons for running: To challenge themselves physically and mentally, to raise money for a good cause… to eat and drink as much as they possibly can without exploding. I belong in that last category, and two years […]

The Groundhog of Fruits

21 Oct

When I was visiting Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland, last week, I discovered dogberries–they grow on dogwood trees in almost every garden and along the sides of roads. They’re scarlet fruits, like large holly berries, and look for sure like they’d poison […]

Ricotta Gnocchi with Peas and Pancetta

13 Sep

I have a real soft spot for Prince Edward County with its white sand dunes, honour system farmer stands and tiny churches peeping up between the vineyards, so I was thrilled to to go there and take a gnocchi- and risotto-making class with chef and cookbook author Cynthia Peters at From the Farm Cooking School.

The CN Tower’s 360 Restaurant and Edge Walk

12 Sep

This week I’m judging the Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance (OCTA) Awards, so I’ve been trying some fantastic activities that were finalists in the Culinary Tourism Experience category. Perhaps the most surprising on this list is the CN Tower–who knew it […]

The Apple Pie Trail

14 Feb

Feet and arms tucked in, I’m being towed up through the forest in a tiny cart-for-one on the Ridge Runner Mountain Coaster. “Are you ready?” asks the snowboarding dude-slash-supervisor at the top, grinning. I nod, checking the seat belt buckle […]

The World’s Best Bargain Wines

31 Dec

I made a long list of resolutions earlier this week with huge goals for every area of my life, but then today a friend shared the quote below, and it made me rethink the extreme life make-over. “So many conditions […]