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Steven and Chris and Voula

16 Jan

Remember Voula Halliday, the lunch lady I wrote about here back in 2011? Well these days, she is Voula Halliday, TV star! The Cordon Bleu-trained chef is getting her delicious recipes and healthy eating message out to a national audience […]

Meet the Gang

15 Apr

I feel lucky to work with such a talented bunch of freelancers on the food section for Reader’s Digest. As well as inspiring us with their stories, tasty dishes and tantalizing images, they have lots of other cool projects on the […]

When good syrup happens to bad jellymakers

20 Sep

I was eying that great big bag of grapes from my pick with Not Far from the Tree suspiciously for a full week. Confession: I’ve never made jelly before, and I was a little daunted by all that talk of […]

Savoury Comfort Pie

1 Jun

The moist bread, oregano, veggie toppings and cheese in this budget-friendly recipe by Cordon Bleu-trained school cook Voula Halliday make it taste a lot like pizza, so it’s appealing to kids as well as good for them.

Fuel for School

1 Jun

You may have heard of British celeb chef Jamie Oliver’s campaign to get children on both sides of the Atlantic eating healthy school meals. There were tears along the way–and not on the part of the kids. Jamie came up […]