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Win a Bittered Sling Bitters Gift Pack!

30 Dec

Whether your New Year’s resolution is to do a one-month cleanse or to celebrate life more (with the help of a few cocktails), this contest is for YOU! I’ve partnered with the Vancouver-based artisans behind Bittered Sling to offer one Open […]

Bitters for Sipping and Cooking

28 Dec

Once sold as medicinal tonics but now used to flavour cocktails, bitters (or extracts) are a concentration of natural herbs, fruits and spices. This recipe for a Wimbledon Mule uses grapefruit and hops extract. It’s refreshingly citrusy and combines cucumber coolness with ginger heat.

Ocean Wise

13 Mar

Have you got the Ocean Wise app? Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise app makes it easy for consumers to buy fish that are plentiful and sustainable, not to mention harvested with limited bycatch and damage to other species and the aquatic […]

Strawberry Shortbread and Coconut Gelato

1 Aug

We’re all buzzing about the London 2012 Olympics at Reader’s Digest, especially since our cover girl, diver Jennifer Abel, won the first Canadian medal.

Oh Canada!

13 Jul

This week I took the train from Toronto to Vancouver. It was a four-day trip, so I packed 12 books. I read one. For the most part, all I wanted to do was watch the landscapes change and look for […]

Prosciutto-wrapped B.C. Lingcod

5 Jul

Chef Frank Pabst thinks we should all be eating more jellyfish–that and periwinkles, sea cucumber and geoduck. If we keep scarfing down Atlantic salmon, bottom-trawled cod and bluefin tuna at the rate we do now, our great grandkids won’t even […]

Vikram Vij’s Mango Kulfi

7 Jun

I recently tried a really light and delicately flavoured frozen mango dessert called kulfi, prepared by Vancouver chef Vikram Vij. It was the last course of a deliciously spicy meal served at All the Best Fine Foods in Toronto. Kulfi […]