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How to Make the Perfect Coffee

12 Nov

Recently my teenager got a taste for coffee. To stop him spending all his my money on four-dollar lattes, I dug a frostbitten bag of ground coffee out from the back of our freezer. It was a Starbucks Christmas blend […]

A Taste of Ireland: Sligo

20 Jun

Cloudspotting is the act of gazing dreamily at passing clouds. “Don’t attempt to do it while driving,” warns Hans Wieland, founder of the Irish Cloud Appreciation Society. “That can be very dangerous.” Ireland lends itself well to this pursuit. As […]

Ocean Wise

13 Mar

Have you got the Ocean Wise app? Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise app makes it easy for consumers to buy fish that are plentiful and sustainable, not to mention harvested with limited bycatch and damage to other species and the aquatic […]

Prosciutto-wrapped B.C. Lingcod

5 Jul

Chef Frank Pabst thinks we should all be eating more jellyfish–that and periwinkles, sea cucumber and geoduck. If we keep scarfing down Atlantic salmon, bottom-trawled cod and bluefin tuna at the rate we do now, our great grandkids won’t even […]

Tomato Plants in the Sky

23 Nov

Montrealers are so lucky: they just got their first rooftop farm. The glass houses of Lufa Farms (les fermes Lufa) gleam in the wintry sunlight, way up high atop a red-brick commercial building in the north-east of the city. For […]