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Coca-Cola Cake, Popcorn Ice Cream and Twizzlers Sauce

1 Aug

“You might say this place is my second home; I’d say it’s more my home,” says 22-year-old Farzam Fallah, head pastry chef at Toronto’s Richmond Station. “I spend more time here than in my own house.”   It’s Sunday afternoon; […]

The Three Chimneys Hot Marmalade Pudding

15 Sep

This traditional steamed pudding, created by Shirley Spear, has become a signature dish of the Three Chimneys Restaurant in the Isle of Skye.  It is so popular that it never has been off the menu for the past twenty-eight years. […]

Food Day Canada on Fogo Island

8 Aug

Food Day Canada falls on the August long weekend each year. It’s a coast-to-coast-to-coast celebration of our national bounty. For the last 11 years, food activist, historian and author Anita Stewart has challenged home cooks and chefs across the country to create […]

Knife Skills: Turn, Baby, Turn!

19 Apr

I fell in love with turned vegetables last year while eating a whisky-laced soup in Scotland. Our chef, Paul Rogalski of Calgary, transformed pounds and pounds of carrots into hundreds of tiny barrel shapes to bob around in our broth at a […]

Pasilla Chili and Vanilla Chocolate Bark

22 Mar

This week: a sneak peek at what’s coming up in our May issue–on newsstands mid-April. In our hot-and-spicy issue, Chef Chris McDonald, chef-co-owner of Cava in Toronto, shares his recipe for pasilla chili and vanilla chocolate bark. This treat is […]

When in Richmond…

3 Feb

Some advice for the foodie traveller landing at Vancouver International Airport… DON’T jump in a taxi for downtown Vancouver–you’ll miss out on the 400 Asian restaurants right where you are in Richmond. DO visit Osaka supermarket to ogle everything from […]

Deep-Fried Bitter-Melon Balls and Bubble-Wrap Waffles. Holy Mazola!

24 Jan

If you’ve abandoned your diet, mislaid your gym card and still not sat down to write your novel, don’t despair–it’s Chinese New Year and your chance for a resolution redo. My new New Year’s resolution: to get my chopsticks into […]