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Meals that Heal

22 Feb

What’s your favourite comfort food? That’s what The Scarborough Hospital asked in a recent Facebook contest, to find out what ailing people yearn for. Some said chicken soup; some, mac and cheese; some, congee—like their mother used to make. Nobody expressed a craving for the plastic-wrapped, reheated, processed food that tends to show up on hospital meal trays.

The Apple Pie Trail

14 Feb

Feet and arms tucked in, I’m being towed up through the forest in a tiny cart-for-one on the Ridge Runner Mountain Coaster. “Are you ready?” asks the snowboarding dude-slash-supervisor at the top, grinning. I nod, checking the seat belt buckle […]


18 Oct

It’s just past noon on Sunday October 16. The line-up of cars waiting to park at Diane and Bill French’s Farm in Honeywood, Ontario, is so long that people are abandoning their vehicules on Highway 124 and trekking the last few kilometres in rubber boots.

Perfect Eggs from the “Flawed Farm”

2 Oct

I had no idea that hens were cuddly. I learned this from Zach, a young chicken whisperer, last weekend. Zach lives with his parents, Christen and Trevor Shepherd, and his five siblings at Cobble Hill Farm, a sanctuary for rescue farm animals, near Stratford, Ontario. The family puts a lot of time and love into rehabilitating abandoned and neglected creatures.