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Danny Smiles’ Thanksgiving Green Beans

20 Sep

Danny Smiles, chef de cuisine at Le Bremner in Montreal, brings us today’s fall dish. The Top Chef Canada Season 3 finalist’s Thanksgiving green beans are infused with the flavours of smoked bacon, roasted garlic, chicken broth, hot chili flakes and fresh chives […]

Montreal en Lumiere 2013

1 Mar

Festivals like Montreal en Lumière were designed to get us through the final throes of winter, when we’re wading through slush in the rain, wondering how much more we can take. The celebration of culture and cuisine runs February 21-March […]

Montreal En Lumiere Festival

10 Jan

Late winter in Montreal can involve a lot of shuffling around in underground tunnels when it’s too slap-in-the-face cold to brave the streets. Thankfully, there’s a culinary and cultural festival on from February 21 – March 3, with the kind […]

The Fruit Hunters

30 Nov

Have you ever tried a fruit with cotton candy-like insides, one with skin like a reptile or one that mysteriously changes sour flavours to sweet? I haven’t–sadly–but I’m obsessing over such delicacies after seeing a new Canadian doc called The Fruit […]

Chocolate Crisp

30 Mar

When I made this chocolate crisp for Martin Picard’s sugar shack chocolate bars, I found the recipe gave just enough to cover half my nougat, so I recommend making at least a double batch.

Granulated Maple Sugar and Maple Sugar Nuggets

30 Mar

You’ll need maple sugar and nuggets to make Martin Picard’s chocolate bars, both for the nougat and the chocolate crisp. Half this recipe is enough; however maple sugar is an excellent all-natural sweetener to have in the house for sweetening […]

Such a Nice Kid

29 Nov

Not everybody loves goat cheese. It can smell a bit like old running shoes–but only if the goat milk isn’t processed right. If tiny bubbles of goat milk fat are allowed to burst during the cheese making process, they release […]