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Tobacco, Turmeric and Twizzlers

1 Aug

At 22 years old, pastry chef Farzam Fallah is already making a name for himself thanks to the weird and wonderful desserts he creates at Richmond Station, in Toronto. I met with him recently on his day off to watch […]

Feeding Megan Follows

4 Feb

I went to the opening night of Nightwood Theatre’s production of The Penelopiad in January. It’s their second run–last year’s run sold out. The play, scripted by Margaret Atwood and based on her witty and troubling novella of the same […]

Folks, This Ain’t Normal

15 Jan

I spent the summer of 2010 in St John’s, Newfoundland. Sometime around mid-July that year, the normally abundant displays of fruit and veg in the supermarket started looking plundered. Within a few days, the shelves and fridges were half-bare. People got a little nervous.

Star of India

6 May

Canada’s best Indian restaurants have a new take-out item, Vij’s at Home: Relax, Honey. Meeru Dhalwala talks to Reader’s Digest contributor Dominique Ritter about her culinary inspirations, cooking with her kids and the recipe for working with and loving her […]

The Family Dinner

31 Dec

Dinner in our house sometimes happens at the table, but other times it’s a plates-on-laps and eyes-on-screen affair. For 2011, I’ve vowed to make sitting down to eat together a daily event and to have friends over often to bolster the ranks of our little family.