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If It’s Good Enough for Spacemen…

18 Oct

“They feed sea buckthorn berries and oils to Russian astronauts before they go to Space to protect them against cosmic radiation,” says Michael Gale, a co-owner of natural skincare company Beautiful Rock.

Thankful for Cranberries

17 Oct

Even after forking the last shreds of Thanksgiving turkey into my mouth, I discovered another reason to be grateful for cranberries on a visit to Newfoundland last week.

Juicing for Optimum Health

28 May

Ten years ago, Kris Carr was a junk-food lover and a busy actress and photographer living in New York, with no concept of what to eat and how to take care of herself. She ignored the chronic health issues she […]

Kris Carr’s Morning Glorious

28 May

“Green juice is the rock-solid foundation of my crazy, sexy life,” says wellness acivist and author of Crazy, Sexy Kitchen, Kris Carr. This recipe creates a clover-green, frothy juice, refreshing and packed with vitamins and minerals. 1 large cucumber A […]

Wild Blueberry Scones

1 Jul

Wild blueberries are a curious fruit. They’re tiny compared to regular blueberries, and yet they taste more tangy, sweet and intense. They’re rich in antioxidants and said to slow the effects of Alzheimer’s, fight cancer, protect the heart and improve […]