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Red Rice Pudding from the Little Paris Kitchen

22 Aug

Rachel Khoo didn’t speak a word of French when she left her fashion PR job in London to learn patisserie at the Cordon Bleu in Paris. She picked up the language gossiping with the other sales girls at the department […]

Cake Makeover

3 Jan

My New Year’s resolution for 2013 is to eat more cake. I’ve been laying off gluten, dairy and refined sugar lately, and I really miss baked goods. I rarely bother with bread any more, other than the odd slice of […]

Butter Tarts for All

29 Aug

My dear friend Roisin and I both love drinking tea and scarfing down something home-baked on the side. Since she lives in Montreal and I’m in Toronto, we can’t meet up very often these days, but we still fantasize about […]

Gluten-free Chocolate, Pear and Rum Upside-Down Skillet Cake

27 May

Back in January, Open Kitchen food stylist and contributor Signe Langford was throwing a dinner party for a few friends. While she stood at the stove tossing rice noodles in one of her favourite pans–a non-stick Italian thrift-store find–her budgie […]

Vegetarian Summer Rolls

19 Apr

It feels ironic writing about summer rolls in a week when snow and hail have made such a cruel return. Why, gods of Canadian weather, why? It’s April! Maybe these can be our culinary equivalent to the rain dance. If […]