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A Calendar for Foodies

30 Oct

OK, there are so many great things going on right now for Canadian food lovers that I thought I’d share a few of my favourites. Some are soon… like grab-your-coat-and-car-keys-now soon, and some coming up over the next month or […]

If It’s Good Enough for Spacemen…

18 Oct

“They feed sea buckthorn berries and oils to Russian astronauts before they go to Space to protect them against cosmic radiation,” says Michael Gale, a co-owner of natural skincare company Beautiful Rock.

Let Glasgow Nourish

6 Sep

As a student in Glasgow, Scotland, two decades ago, I fell in love with the city’s raucous energy. I think of it as a feather-boa-wearing friend who dances on the table all night, before heading home in the wee hours, […]

Fueled for Edinburgh’s Festival

30 Aug

I grew up in Fife, across the water from Edinburgh. As a student I’d take the milk-round bus for a couple of hours each morning to go clean hotel rooms in the Scottish capital, so I could head out straight […]

Food Day Canada in Saskatoon

15 Aug

On Food Day Canada, food blogger and photographer Jean-Francois Frenette got in a plane, for the first time in his life, and flew to Saskatoon from his home town, Quebec City, to discover some amazing Prairies food and drink. He’s […]

Food Day Canada on Fogo Island

8 Aug

Food Day Canada falls on the August long weekend each year. It’s a coast-to-coast-to-coast celebration of our national bounty. For the last 11 years, food activist, historian and author Anita Stewart has challenged home cooks and chefs across the country to create […]

A Taste of Ireland: Second Helpings of Dublin

10 Jul

There usually comes a point on vacation when you hit a wall. After a week of go-go-go across Ireland, with a little less sleep than I need to be a nice human being, I hit mine on the drive back […]