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Trout and Ratatouille en Papillote

13 May

There’s just ONE DAY left to enter my contest to win a 13-cup KitchenAid food processor with Exact-Slice system. I hope this dish inspires you, if you haven’t already entered. Details of the contest are here. I’m trying ratatouille three […]

Caribou moss, icebergs and pearls

2 Aug

“I was overwhelmed by how pretty it is here, when I first arrived,” says Murray. “Each part of the island is slightly different. At Joe Batt’s Arm, where I live, it’s like the tundra, with all the green patches and herbs sticking out of the rocks. You feel like you’re on Mars, at nighttime, walking across the mossy rocks in the moonshine.”

Ocean Wise

13 Mar

Have you got the Ocean Wise app? Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise app makes it easy for consumers to buy fish that are plentiful and sustainable, not to mention harvested with limited bycatch and damage to other species and the aquatic […]

Prosciutto-wrapped B.C. Lingcod

5 Jul

Chef Frank Pabst thinks we should all be eating more jellyfish–that and periwinkles, sea cucumber and geoduck. If we keep scarfing down Atlantic salmon, bottom-trawled cod and bluefin tuna at the rate we do now, our great grandkids won’t even […]

Meaty Matters

4 Mar

The salty and juicy jumble of Joe Beef’s “Brains Over Matter” won my fickle heart, but don’t even think about offering me animal bits such as trotters, chicken feet or tongue. Dead tongue on my tongue–non, merci.

Sea of Love

18 Apr

Vancouverite Jane Mundy loves seafood so much, she’s determined to help pull us back from the brink of a world-wide fisheries collapse. Ninety percent of the world’s predatory fish are already gone–that means your tuna mayo sandwich contains one of the world’s last 10 percent of tuna fish.