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Grocery Shopping on Fogo Island

10 Aug

Winston Osmond is an acrylics painter and organic farmer living in Shoal Bay. He took me round his veggie garden and harvested a mixed bag, scissors and trowel in hand. I left with rain-splashed kale; fat, yellow zucchini; squeaky onions; and sweet, soily carrots–some of them as leggy as squid.

Jungle Adventures in Belize

12 Apr

This morning I was excited to see my travel story on Belcampo Lodge, Belize, in the National Post. It was an especially hard one to write: I met so many special people and experienced so many new things there, that […]

Nova Scotia Cranberries Feature in Fresh Juice Mag

13 Dec

My most recent story for Fresh Juice magazine is now up on their website. It’s about Blake Johnson’s cranberry marsh in the Annapolis Valley, one of the most bountiful regions of Canada. I learned three important things researching this feature:

Caribou moss, icebergs and pearls

2 Aug

“I was overwhelmed by how pretty it is here, when I first arrived,” says Murray. “Each part of the island is slightly different. At Joe Batt’s Arm, where I live, it’s like the tundra, with all the green patches and herbs sticking out of the rocks. You feel like you’re on Mars, at nighttime, walking across the mossy rocks in the moonshine.”

Eat Local, Taste Global

17 Aug

It’s raining so much today that the soil has turned into clay and my flip flops have grown 3-inch wedge heels of mud and grass. The toe strap keeps popping out of its socket as I tramp through rows of veggies. But the people I’ve been brought to meet by Emily Van Halem, author of Eat Local, Taste Global, are enjoying the downpour: It has been a hot dry summer.


18 Oct

It’s just past noon on Sunday October 16. The line-up of cars waiting to park at Diane and Bill French’s Farm in Honeywood, Ontario, is so long that people are abandoning their vehicules on Highway 124 and trekking the last few kilometres in rubber boots.