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Butternut Cranberry Pudding Cake

1 Oct

Happy October! There’s a cookbook that just came out that is absolutely perfect for the new season–The Everyday Squash Cook. It’s a collaboration between Rob Firing, Ivy Knight and Kerry Knight. Rob is the gourd nerd, who makes a passionate […]

The Groundhog of Fruits

21 Oct

When I was visiting Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland, last week, I discovered dogberries–they grow on dogwood trees in almost every garden and along the sides of roads. They’re scarlet fruits, like large holly berries, and look for sure like they’d poison […]

Danny Smiles’ Thanksgiving Green Beans

20 Sep

Danny Smiles, chef de cuisine at Le Bremner in Montreal, brings us today’s fall dish. The Top Chef Canada Season 3 finalist’s Thanksgiving green beans are infused with the flavours of smoked bacon, roasted garlic, chicken broth, hot chili flakes and fresh chives […]

Dale Mackay’s Roasted and Raw Root Vegetable Salad

19 Sep

Chef-owner of Saskatoon’s soon-to-open Ayden Kitchen & Bar, Dale Mackay, makes a mean roasted and raw root vegetable salad, with crunchy croutons and balsamic dressing. If you’re going to try one new thing for Thanksgiving dinner this year, make it this dish: […]

Catalan-Style Mussel Soup

17 Sep

It’s getting nippy outside, and we’re starting to think more about cooking up warming dishes for fall. Today, Executive Chef Rob Bragagnolo, of Marben restaurant in Toronto, shares with us a recipe that helps bridge the seasons: Catalan-Style Mussel Soup. […]

Magnus Nilsson’s Vegetables Cooked with Autumn Leaves

18 Oct

While a sprig of parsley on top of your supper used to be considered the height of chic, it tends to be there on account of its ability to stay perky under steamy pressure, not what it adds in flavour. […]

Healthy Pumpkin Muffins + 7 Uses for Pumpkin and Squash Leftovers

28 Sep

Pumpkins and squashes are the Shreks of the vegetable kingdom–massive, warty and funny-looking, yet wonderfully sweet. You often have huge quantities of flesh left over when you’re cooking or carving these beasts. Working on the October issue of Open Kitchen, we ended up with our fair share of frozen squash in the freezer. Luckily our food stylist, Signe Langford, shared a bunch of ideas with us for adding gourds to everyday dishes: