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How to Cook Duck

6 Feb

Mildred’s Temple Kitchen got it right, last night, with their inaugural Winterlicious Tin Chef contest–no Gordon Ramsay theatrics or 18-month-pregnant pauses before announcing the winner, just supportive judges, a warm vibe, an engrossed audience, and a focus on the food. […]

A Wildly Partisan Guide to Toronto’s Tin Chef Contenders

29 Jan

The judges have spoken. Five contestants have just been picked to compete at Mildred’s Temple Kitchen, on February 5, to be Toronto’s first Tin Chef. (A tin chef is like an iron chef, only a home cook rather than a […]

Who Will Be Toronto’s First Tin Chef?

24 Jan

I just spent the evening making an audition video for Tin Chef. Tin Chef is like Iron Chef, only it’s a cooking contest for non-professionals, hence the less fancy metal. The inaugural showdown is happening at Mildred’s Temple Kitchen, on […]

Black Cake: Part Two

23 Dec

Back in September, I looked on as my friend Deborah poured half a liquor store’s worth of alcohol into a jar of dried fruit to start off her first ever black cake. Over the weeks since then, she has been […]

Make-ahead holiday recipe: Black Cake (Part 1)

21 Oct

The holidays are still a couple of months away, but some of the best treats need to be started now. In the November issue of Reader’s Digest, home cook Deborah Brewster shares her family recipe for Black Cake. Deborah’s family […]

Guyanese Chicken Curry

10 Dec

The piece-de-resistance was a mild curry with tons of vegetables soaked in delicious, spicy sauce and with tender hunks of chicken falling off the bone. It was accompanied by warm, slightly charred and puffy flatbreads to soak up the juices.