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May the Grizzliest Man Win!

26 Feb

A new season of the Food Network’s #1 hit series, Top Chef Canada, premieres Monday, March 10 at 9pm ET/10pm PT, on Food Network Canada. This time I’ll be yelling at the TV in support of my bearded buddy Pierre […]

How to Cook Duck

6 Feb

Mildred’s Temple Kitchen got it right, last night, with their inaugural Winterlicious Tin Chef contest–no Gordon Ramsay theatrics or 18-month-pregnant pauses before announcing the winner, just supportive judges, a warm vibe, an engrossed audience, and a focus on the food. […]

Who Will Be Toronto’s First Tin Chef?

24 Jan

I just spent the evening making an audition video for Tin Chef. Tin Chef is like Iron Chef, only it’s a cooking contest for non-professionals, hence the less fancy metal. The inaugural showdown is happening at Mildred’s Temple Kitchen, on […]

Win a Bittered Sling Bitters Gift Pack!

30 Dec

Whether your New Year’s resolution is to do a one-month cleanse or to celebrate life more (with the help of a few cocktails), this contest is for YOU! I’ve partnered with the Vancouver-based artisans behind Bittered Sling to offer one Open […]

Bitters for Sipping and Cooking

28 Dec

Once sold as medicinal tonics but now used to flavour cocktails, bitters (or extracts) are a concentration of natural herbs, fruits and spices. This recipe for a Wimbledon Mule uses grapefruit and hops extract. It’s refreshingly citrusy and combines cucumber coolness with ginger heat.

Red Rice Pudding from the Little Paris Kitchen

22 Aug

Rachel Khoo didn’t speak a word of French when she left her fashion PR job in London to learn patisserie at the Cordon Bleu in Paris. She picked up the language gossiping with the other sales girls at the department […]

Persian Wishing Soup

7 Mar

I first tried Persian Wishing Soup as a student in Glasgow, Scotland, back in the 90s. I was at a mid-winter Lebanese-themed party at a bunch of friends’ gorgeously high-ceilinged and impossibly hard-to-heat tenement flat. We dressed up in desert […]