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Pasilla Chili and Vanilla Chocolate Bark

22 Mar

This week: a sneak peek at what’s coming up in our May issue–on newsstands mid-April. In our hot-and-spicy issue, Chef Chris McDonald, chef-co-owner of Cava in Toronto, shares his recipe for pasilla chili and vanilla chocolate bark. This treat is […]

Raw Chocolate and Date Tart

5 Dec

Do not be fooled by this vegan dessert, it’s rich and has mass appeal and a luxurious texture. –Chef Benjamin Baker, Travaasa, Austin, Texas Crust 2 cups Medjool dates, pitted 2/3 cup almonds 2/3 cups cashews 2/3 cups pecans 2 […]

Eat Your Evergreens

15 Nov

Over the last year, I’ve noticed all kinds of evergreen tree elements cropping up on menus.  They’re not the easiest thing to cook with: overdo the pine, and you risk ending up with food that tastes like mouthwash. But add […]

Martin Picard’s Sugar Shack Chocolate Bars

30 Mar

As I look at the photographs and think of all the chocolate bars handed out to friends, I feel the way you would after giving away a litter of puppies–a mix of relief and grief. Maybe I should have kept just one…

Chocolate Crisp

30 Mar

When I made this chocolate crisp for Martin Picard’s sugar shack chocolate bars, I found the recipe gave just enough to cover half my nougat, so I recommend making at least a double batch.

Fudgy Black Bean Chocolate Brownies and Other Weight-Loss Tools

7 Nov

Kids–if you notice any of the following:
– a sudden shift in the Cadbury’s mini-bar to Tootsie Roll ratio in your trick-or-treat candy stash;
– dozens of empty candy wrappers. Not in the little kitchen garbage can though–in the gigantic outdoors garbage bin, where nobody would expect you to look;
– a whole lot of parental groaning on the bathroom scales…
lock up your loot!

Gluten-free Chocolate, Pear and Rum Upside-Down Skillet Cake

27 May

Back in January, Open Kitchen food stylist and contributor Signe Langford was throwing a dinner party for a few friends. While she stood at the stove tossing rice noodles in one of her favourite pans–a non-stick Italian thrift-store find–her budgie […]