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Connie de Sousa: Iron Chef

18 Jul

CHARCUT chef co-owner Connie de Sousa has had a busy year. As well as running one of the best-loved restaurants in Alberta, she’s been working hard with kitchen- and business-partner John Jackson to open a second location, CHARBAR, for 2015, […]

Terroir Symposium 2014

6 May

Each year, Terroir Symposium attracts some of the world’s best chefs and thinkers to come to Canada and present their most brilliant ideas, and it puts our food culture on the map, by showing those international guests what we’ve got to offer right here.

Friday Cocktail: The Ginger Gimlet

26 Apr

The Ginger Gimlet tastes citrus-fresh and mind-bendingly fiery all at once. It was developed by Christopher Cho for his new cocktail list at CHARCUT Roast House. Cho likes to keep his mixed drinks clean and simple, as you’ll see by […]

Food on Your Shirt!

12 Apr

Getting egg on your shirt doesn’t have to be a bad thing–in fact sometimes that’s the best thing that could happen to a shirt. Calgarians Pierre Lamielle and Candace Bergman think so. Each week they design a new food-centric T-shirt, […]

Top-Notch Pig-Out

28 Jul

Connie DeSousa and John Jackson are all about serving urban rustic cuisine made with the best local ingredients. The CHAR in their restaurant’s name, CHARCUT, refers to Connie and John’s custom-built rotisserie and charbroiler and the CUT, to their vintage-style slicer. Lovers of patés, sausages and the like will also recognize the play on the word ‘charcuterie’–the craft of preparing such foods.

Top Chef Canada

5 Apr

I weaned myself off  Dancing with the Stars last year (except a few YouTube peeks at Jennifer Grey channeling Baby–oh, the nostalgia–and Bristol Palin channeling her mother–horrifically compelling).  Watching Idol makes me feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog’s Day these […]