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Grain Brain

11 Feb

Calgarian artisan bread company Sidewalk Citizen Bakery just started packaging their loaves in the thinking man’s bread bag. I think these quote-stamped, two-handled paper bags represent a classy evolution from the traditional baguette clutched under arm. Here Michal Lavi–who co-owns […]

A Taste of Ireland: Second Helpings of Dublin

10 Jul

There usually comes a point on vacation when you hit a wall. After a week of go-go-go across Ireland, with a little less sleep than I need to be a nice human being, I hit mine on the drive back […]

Midnight Maids’ Bread

4 Feb

A Mediterranean loaf, inspired by a midnight feast scene in Nightwood Theatre’s production of The Penelopiad, starring Megan Follows.

Feeding Megan Follows

4 Feb

I went to the opening night of Nightwood Theatre’s production of The Penelopiad in January. It’s their second run–last year’s run sold out. The play, scripted by Margaret Atwood and based on her witty and troubling novella of the same […]

Peasant Bread

1 Jun

Ian McDonald has been building, charring, and repairing whisky casks for the Balvenie since he left high school. In a din of mallets and a cloud of dust, the 57-year-old cooper tilts, turns and tips barrels weighing up to 135 […]

Pumpkin or Squash Bread Braid

31 Oct

Once you’ve carved the jack-o-lanterns, you’ll have pumpkin flesh to spare–just what you need for this delicious and very pretty bread. Find this and other great pumpkin recipes in the October issue of Reader’s Digest. Happy Halloween!