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Jo Lusted’s Dish Do-Over

11 Apr

Last night, Chef Jo launched her new cookbook, Dish Do-Over. It’s based on her wildly popular Steven and Chris segment of the same name, in which she takes a dish that’s artery-cloggingly or blood-sugar-spikingly delicious, and just keeps the delicious part.

All I Want for Christmas Is Booze

26 Dec

Toronto this past few days has been pretty as Narnia… And scary as hell. With the ice storm bringing down huge trees and live electric cables, leaving cars smashed up and 300,000 Torontonians without power, it has felt like a […]

Anna Olson Does Not Do Cracks

4 Dec

“My cheesecake is satiny rich, yet light—the goal is not to let it crack,” says Food Network chef Anna Olson.

Eat to Run

4 Nov

At the Reggae Marathon in Negril, Jamaica, you have to start by torchlight at 5:15 am, because it gets so hot when the sun comes up. But there’s lots to keep you motivated as you run: The route winds along […]

Thankful for Cranberries

17 Oct

Even after forking the last shreds of Thanksgiving turkey into my mouth, I discovered another reason to be grateful for cranberries on a visit to Newfoundland last week.

Beyond the Food Bank

10 Oct

Fifteen years ago, as an exchange student in Montreal, I volunteered at a downtown food bank. One thing really surprised me: as fast we were to load up boxes, some of our clients were just as quick to unpack items […]

What to Do with All Those Apples

30 Sep

I was out this week with Not Far From the Tree, a Toronto-based organization that sends volunteers to the homes of people who need help harvesting the fruit from their trees. One third of the bounty goes to the homeowner, […]