Jo Lusted’s Dish Do-Over

11 Apr

You may have seen Chef Jo Lusted on Steven and Chris–she’s the chef with the great big smile and great gusto for everything from boiling eggs to overhauling butter chicken; she co-hosts a reality show called Compete to Eat, where she squares off with cottagers to make a blow-out feast; and she’s resident chef and spokesperson for Clean Eating magazine too.

Last night, Chef Jo launched her new cookbook, Dish Do-Over.

Jo Lusted Dish Do-Over

It’s based on her wildly popular Steven and Chris segment of the same name, in which she takes a dish that’s artery-cloggingly or blood-sugar-spikingly delicious, and just keeps the delicious part.

Jo’s mac and cheese uses creamy sweet potato to thicken the sauce, instead of full-fat cream cheese, and she subs in brown rice pasta for white pasta.

Her chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream combines egg-free cookie dough made with spelt flour and ice cream made with whipped-up Greek yoghurt.

And her Fried Chicken? Not actually fried! She marinates drumsticks and breast meat in buttermilk and spices, then coats it in crushed corn flakes and Parmesan, before popping them in the oven, misted in cooking spray. The result is non-greasy but super flavourful, and she has shaved off 136 calories from each serving and a whopping 15 grams (around 75%) of the fat.

Dish Do-Over is the book for anyone who cares as much about their health and waistline as about their sticky ribs and deep-dish pizza. Look out for a demo with Jo and a recipe from her cookbook here soon!


2 Responses to “Jo Lusted’s Dish Do-Over”

  1. Andrea April 12th, 2014 at 4:39 PM #

    can’t wait to see the demo – is the mac and cheese gluten free? please say yes, please say yes!

    • Valerie Howes April 12th, 2014 at 5:09 PM #

      I’m pretty sure it is. There are lots of GF recipes and substitutions offered in Dish Do-Over.

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