James Beard Loves Aube Giroux

19 Mar

If you’re not following the food blog Kitchen Vignettes yet, I recommend you start. I love Aube Giroux’s dreamy videos, which you’ll find on this PBS Food site. Aube, an organic farmer and gifted cook from Nova Scotia, captures the beauty in everything from dripping batter to rising bread to sleepy cats, as she makes delicious food from scratch in her home kitchen. I blogged about Aube here a couple of years ago, when she made the prettiest of ice bowls with flowers and herbs frozen inside them–one of Open Kitchen’s most popular posts ever.

Today it was announced that Kitchen Vignettes is a finalist for a James Beard Award (Culinary Oscar) in the category: Best Video Webcast, on Location.

It’s up against  Dark Rye, an online magazine from Whole Foods market, and The Perennial Plate (Europe and South East Asia), a weekly documentary series about socially responsible and sustainable eating. I spoke with Aube this evening to find out how she’s feeling about this huge recognition.

Aube Giroux

Congratulations, Aube! How did you find out Kitchen Vignettes was a finalist?
I received an email notification of a tweet from the James Beard Foundation that said: “Video Webcast On Location: @DarkRyeMag, @Aubergineblog @perennialplate #jbfa.” I was actually kind of confused at first, and it took me a few moments to realize what the tweet meant. I went to the livestream of the announcement on their website and had to actually hear my name announced to believe it was true.

How did you react?
I’m a screamer in these situations. Yup. All by myself in the house, screaming as loud as I could. But amidst the excitement, I also felt a little twinge of sadness because these are the moments when I miss my mom the most. She would have been the first person I called and would have been so proud.

What does it mean to you to be up for a James Beard award?
It’s an incredible honour, especially to be nominated alongside two outstanding video producers that I admire so much. It’s also quite humbling really, having no formal culinary training, to be recognized by such a respected organization as the James Beard Foundation.
Photo: Aube Giroux, kitchenvignettes.blogspot.ca

Photo: Aube Giroux, kitchenvignettes.blogspot.ca

What are your hopes for the future?

Right now, with the growing season about to begin, I’m focused on learning how to become a better organic farmer. There’s so much to learn! With my videos, I’m hoping to continue to find new ways to show the connection between healthy soils and farming practices and the food that’s on our tables, and to visually share the fun and the pleasure in knowing where your food comes from.

Anything else you’re burning to tell people?
Yes. Follow me on Facebook! www.facebook.com/kitchenvignettes

Best of luck, Aube!



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