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Win Tickets for Spring Thaw!

20 Mar

Remember the wonderful food and drink event I told you about on Monday? The one where 23 Canadian chefs and 12 Ontario winemakers are getting together at Palais Royale in Toronto, on March 31, 2014, to create a gigantic celebratory […]

James Beard Loves Aube Giroux

19 Mar

If you’re not following the food blog Kitchen Vignettes yet, I recommend you start. I love Aube Giroux’s dreamy videos, which you’ll find on this PBS Food site. And today it was announced that Kitchen Vignettes is a finalist for a prestigious James Beard Award.

Winter is Dead (Long Live the Spring!)

18 Mar

I’m done with The Polar Vortex… Polar Vortex II… Revenge of the Polar Vortex and all those other blood-freezing episodes that kept plunging us back into an icy snow pit of despair, just when we thought we’d seen the worst of Winter 2013-14.