A Wildly Partisan Guide to Toronto’s Tin Chef Contenders

29 Jan

The judges have spoken. Five contestants have just been picked to compete at Mildred’s Temple Kitchen, on February 5, to be Toronto’s first Tin Chef. (A tin chef is like an iron chef, only a home cook rather than a pro.) And guess which sassy Torontonian with a talent for clapping hot roti is in the running? My pal Deborah Brewster!


So, you met Deborah last week, when I posted her audition video here. She’s a dear friend and as amazing at making bread as she is, fish as she is, pastry. I look forward to cheering for her, on Feb 5, and in the meantime, will be submitting her to a strict regime of Julia Child exams and hypnosis sessions, so she can “dominate” the competition, as she has set out to do.

So who is the competition? Meet:

Meghan Leghere
Signature dish: Pineapple Two Ways
Secret weapon: Blow torch

Jill Chen
Signature dish: Some kind of really delicious-looking slider thingies topped with fried eggs fresh from the bums of her urban chickens
Secret Weapon: Um, this lady raises everything from fish in a bathtub to mushrooms on a magic log, under her own roof. Mad homesteading skills.

Ronn Reaman
Signature dish: Stuffed Sea Bass
Secret weapon: Knife skills and seven children to practice on (cooking dinner, not child-chopping)

Gav Martel
Signature dish: Poached egg
Secret weapon: Saran wrap used in ways God never intended

If you’d like to size up the contenders for yourself, check out their videos here.

And if you’d like to be part of the live audience as they take on kitchen challenges in a pressure-cooker situation, you can buy tickets for $30 + tax (hors d’oeuvres included) here.

May Deborah Brewster the best home cook win!

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