Nova Scotia Cranberries Feature in Fresh Juice Mag

13 Dec

My most recent story for Fresh Juice magazine is now up on their website. It’s about Blake Johnson’s cranberry marsh in the Annapolis Valley, one of the most bountiful regions of Canada. I learned three important things researching this feature:


1. Fresh is the way to go with cranberries. They hold their texture better in sauces and create a more intense flavour.

2. I want to adopt a farm kid. Blake’s 13-year-old was putting in a full day’s hard physical labour when I visited: packing boxes, moving crates and conducting science experiments out in the fields. And he could drive a mini Japanese tractor without falling into ditches too–apparently a problem for many of Blake’s other workers, and a pretty cool party trick, if you ask me.

3. Cranberry farms done right (i.e. allowed to grow a little wild around the edges) are like mini wildlife sanctuaries. With all the different ecosystems there–marshes, ditches, embankments and wooded areas–we saw every plant from wild roses to daisies to bulrushes, and every creature from dragonflies to ospreys to frogs.

Read the full story here!

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