The Groundhog of Fruits

21 Oct

When I was visiting Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland, last week, I discovered dogberries–they grow on dogwood trees in almost every garden and along the sides of roads. They’re scarlet fruits, like large holly berries, and look for sure like they’d poison you. In fact you can eat them.

Below, Michael and Robin, co-owners of natural body product company Beautiful Rock, show off the beautiful dogwood tree in their back yard. They’re going to harvest the fruits to make wine.

You can use them for jams and jellies too. Their high pectin levels make for excellent natural gelling. They’re bitter-sweet, but somewhat mild, so they’re best combined with more flavourful ingredients like crabapples, ginger and rosehip.

Locals kept telling me that an abundance of dogberries in fall means there will be heavy snowfall in winter. The boughs I saw were loaded. Get your boots and shovels ready!

Have you ever cooked or made booze with dogberries?

How were the results?

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  1. Big Fan October 21st, 2013 at 1:43 PM #

    Here in Ontario my mom says that an abundance of blackberries will make for a snowy winter. She has not talked about a bumper crop, so fingers crossed.

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