Archive | October, 2013

A Calendar for Foodies

30 Oct

OK, there are so many great things going on right now for Canadian food lovers that I thought I’d share a few of my favourites. Some are soon… like grab-your-coat-and-car-keys-now soon, and some coming up over the next month or […]

The Groundhog of Fruits

21 Oct

When I was visiting Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland, last week, I discovered dogberries–they grow on dogwood trees in almost every garden and along the sides of roads. They’re scarlet fruits, like large holly berries, and look for sure like they’d poison […]

If It’s Good Enough for Spacemen…

18 Oct

“They feed sea buckthorn berries and oils to Russian astronauts before they go to Space to protect them against cosmic radiation,” says Michael Gale, a co-owner of natural skincare company Beautiful Rock.

Thankful for Cranberries

17 Oct

Even after forking the last shreds of Thanksgiving turkey into my mouth, I discovered another reason to be grateful for cranberries on a visit to Newfoundland last week.

Beyond the Food Bank

10 Oct

Fifteen years ago, as an exchange student in Montreal, I volunteered at a downtown food bank. One thing really surprised me: as fast we were to load up boxes, some of our clients were just as quick to unpack items […]