Archive | August, 2013

Fueled for Edinburgh’s Festival

30 Aug

I grew up in Fife, across the water from Edinburgh. As a student I’d take the milk-round bus for a couple of hours each morning to go clean hotel rooms in the Scottish capital, so I could head out straight […]

Red Rice Pudding from the Little Paris Kitchen

22 Aug

Rachel Khoo didn’t speak a word of French when she left her fashion PR job in London to learn patisserie at the Cordon Bleu in Paris. She picked up the language gossiping with the other sales girls at the department […]

Food Day Canada in Saskatoon

15 Aug

On Food Day Canada, food blogger and photographer Jean-Francois Frenette got in a plane, for the first time in his life, and flew to Saskatoon from his home town, Quebec City, to discover some amazing Prairies food and drink. He’s […]

Food Day Canada on Fogo Island

8 Aug

Food Day Canada falls on the August long weekend each year. It’s a coast-to-coast-to-coast celebration of our national bounty. For the last 11 years, food activist, historian and author Anita Stewart has challenged home cooks and chefs across the country to create […]

Caribou moss, icebergs and pearls

2 Aug

“I was overwhelmed by how pretty it is here, when I first arrived,” says Murray. “Each part of the island is slightly different. At Joe Batt’s Arm, where I live, it’s like the tundra, with all the green patches and herbs sticking out of the rocks. You feel like you’re on Mars, at nighttime, walking across the mossy rocks in the moonshine.”