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A Taste of Ireland: Galway

27 Jun

“It smells nice here.” Not words I expect to utter on a chicken farm, but it’s true at Ronan Byrne’s place, The Friendly Farmer, in Athenry, County Galway, on the west coast of Ireland. The free-range chicks here get their […]

A Taste of Ireland: Sligo

20 Jun

Cloudspotting is the act of gazing dreamily at passing clouds. “Don’t attempt to do it while driving,” warns Hans Wieland, founder of the Irish Cloud Appreciation Society. “That can be very dangerous.” Ireland lends itself well to this pursuit. As […]

A Taste of Ireland: Dublin

14 Jun

We go to Ireland for the Middle-Earth landscapes, with their mustard-yellow gorse bushes, carpets of daisies and wind-battered trees like stooped old men. We go to stop our cars on loopy coastal roads so we can photograph ivy-clad ruins and […]