Archive | May, 2013

Canada’s Newest Food Magazine

29 May

Reader’s Digest is launching a new quarterly food magazine this month–Taste of Home Canada. Alison Kent, who has been contributing to the Reader’s Digest food section for the past three years, is bringing her creativity and culinary savvy to our sister publication as […]

Juicing for Optimum Health

28 May

Ten years ago, Kris Carr was a junk-food lover and a busy actress and photographer living in New York, with no concept of what to eat and how to take care of herself. She ignored the chronic health issues she […]

Kris Carr’s Morning Glorious

28 May

“Green juice is the rock-solid foundation of my crazy, sexy life,” says wellness acivist and author of Crazy, Sexy Kitchen, Kris Carr. This recipe creates a clover-green, frothy juice, refreshing and packed with vitamins and minerals. 1 large cucumber A […]

Culinary Adventures in Newfoundland

24 May

With a slew of new restaurants, unique food festivals and gourmet experiences to offer, Newfoundland has been coming into its own recently as a culinary destination. St John’s local and Top Chef Canada Season 1 contender Todd Perrin talks with us […]

Wild Lunch

15 May

These spring dishes, prepared by Chef Jonathan Gushue of Langdon Hall, in Cambridge, Ontario, were garnished and infused with foraged ingredients that can be found across Canada in woodlands, swamps, fields and even backyards. Charred rhubarb with Chardonnay honey, Jack-by-the-hedge, […]

Where the Wild Things Are

14 May

Edible wild plants bring fresh and earthy flavours to the plate–and at this time of year there’s an abundance in our own backyards. Newfoundlander Jonathan Gushue is an avid forager. His backyard is the 75-acre estate of Langdon Hall, in […]

Day 5: Live Below the Line

6 May

Poor Andrea: She’s our chef on Day 5, and it’s now two days since we ran out of money. The best of the ingredients have been picked over and she’s left with a random assortment: roiboos tea, onions, a couple cloves of garlic, canola oil, one white potato, three sweet potatoes, chickpeas, rice (groan) and our beloved hybrid dip–peanut-butter hummus.