Archive | April, 2013

Four Great Canadian Cheeses

30 Apr

Every year, Dairy Farmers of Canada awards prizes to the best 100%-Canadian cow milk cheeses in 19 categories at the Canadian Cheese Grand Prix. They had a record-breaking 225 entries this year. With our own artisans offering that kind of selection, it’s worth going […]

Friday Cocktail: The Ginger Gimlet

26 Apr

The Ginger Gimlet tastes citrus-fresh and mind-bendingly fiery all at once. It was developed by Christopher Cho for his new cocktail list at CHARCUT Roast House. Cho likes to keep his mixed drinks clean and simple, as you’ll see by […]

Knife Skills: Turn, Baby, Turn!

19 Apr

I fell in love with turned vegetables last year while eating a whisky-laced soup in Scotland. Our chef, Paul Rogalski of Calgary, transformed pounds and pounds of carrots into hundreds of tiny barrel shapes to bob around in our broth at a […]

Knife Skills: How to Segment an Orange

18 Apr

It’s a busy Saturday afternoon at Knifewear in Calgary’s Inglewood neighbourhood. Couples, off-duty chefs and the occasional dad with a kid on his shoulders are pouring into the store to ogle Japanese knives. On the wall, and in long glass […]

Food on Your Shirt!

12 Apr

Getting egg on your shirt doesn’t have to be a bad thing–in fact sometimes that’s the best thing that could happen to a shirt. Calgarians Pierre Lamielle and Candace Bergman think so. Each week they design a new food-centric T-shirt, […]