Ocean Wise

13 Mar

Have you got the Ocean Wise app?

Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise app makes it easy for consumers to buy fish that are plentiful and sustainable, not to mention harvested with limited bycatch and damage to other species and the aquatic environment.

It lists searchable and up-to-date seafood recommendations and lets you know which restaurants in your city offer ocean-friendly menu choices.

For inspiration, check out these demos, by three top Toronto chefs.

Lirad Kligman of Neptuno Oysters demonstrates a safe way to shuck oysters, as well as how to prepare them as delicious appetizers. He uses Ocean Wise-recommended kumamoto oysters:

Kristin Donovan of Hooked Inc. demonstrates a way to prepare succulent Ocean Wise-recommended lake fish–in this case, pickerel–using fresh seasonal vegetables, sauce, butter and seasonings, folded into parchment paper and baked:

Taylor McMeekin, former chef du cuisine at Mildred’s Temple Kitchen and current chef du cuisine at Air Canada Club, Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, shows how to butcher and deliciously stuff a whole Ocean Wise-recommended rainbow trout:


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