Archive | March, 2013

Lacy Eggs Over Vegetables

28 Mar

How to Boil an Egg, the new book by Rose Carrarini, founder of the Anglo-French Rose Bakery, promises “84 ways to turn nature’s humble hero into breakfast, lunch or tea.” This dish–Lacy Eggs Over Vegetables–would work as any of the […]

Chef Voula’s Coconut-Simmered Balinese Chicken

22 Mar

I’m working with my teenaged son to create an arsenal of simple home-cooked dishes that he can make for himself when he leaves home, a couple of years from now. We just tried this fragrant chicken dish, by Chef Voula […]

Pasilla Chili and Vanilla Chocolate Bark

22 Mar

This week: a sneak peek at what’s coming up in our May issue–on newsstands mid-April. In our hot-and-spicy issue, Chef Chris McDonald, chef-co-owner of Cava in Toronto, shares his recipe for pasilla chili and vanilla chocolate bark. This treat is […]

Ocean Wise

13 Mar

Have you got the Ocean Wise app? Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise app makes it easy for consumers to buy fish that are plentiful and sustainable, not to mention harvested with limited bycatch and damage to other species and the aquatic […]

Fresh Thyme Stars

7 Mar

These herby bread rolls, from Suzanne Husseini’s Modern Flavors of Arabia, make an excellent accompaniment to Persian Wishing Soup. They’re fluffy, with a beautiful crust–not to mention super cute!

Persian Wishing Soup

7 Mar

I first tried Persian Wishing Soup as a student in Glasgow, Scotland, back in the 90s. I was at a mid-winter Lebanese-themed party at a bunch of friends’ gorgeously high-ceilinged and impossibly hard-to-heat tenement flat. We dressed up in desert […]

Montreal en Lumiere 2013

1 Mar

Festivals like Montreal en Lumière were designed to get us through the final throes of winter, when we’re wading through slush in the rain, wondering how much more we can take. The celebration of culture and cuisine runs February 21-March […]