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A Burns Supper Menu

25 Jan

This week, I got together with some friends and food writers to try out my fantasy stove, the AGA Total Control Range Cooker. (I’ll have one in cream please, Universe!) The cast-iron appliance, so emblematic of grand British country houses, […]

Steven and Chris and Voula

16 Jan

Remember Voula Halliday, the lunch lady I wrote about here back in 2011? Well these days, she is Voula Halliday, TV star! The Cordon Bleu-trained chef is getting her delicious recipes and healthy eating message out to a national audience […]

Montreal En Lumiere Festival

10 Jan

Late winter in Montreal can involve a lot of shuffling around in underground tunnels when it’s too slap-in-the-face cold to brave the streets. Thankfully, there’s a culinary and cultural festival on from February 21 – March 3, with the kind […]

Cake Makeover

3 Jan

My New Year’s resolution for 2013 is to eat more cake. I’ve been laying off gluten, dairy and refined sugar lately, and I really miss baked goods. I rarely bother with bread any more, other than the odd slice of […]