Archive | November, 2012

The Fruit Hunters

30 Nov

Have you ever tried a fruit with cotton candy-like insides, one with skin like a reptile or one that mysteriously changes sour flavours to sweet? I haven’t–sadly–but I’m obsessing over such delicacies after seeing a new Canadian doc called The Fruit […]

DIY Dog Treats

28 Nov

My dogs, Cracker and Mash, could barely hold it together today while I was at work in the kitchen. They’d run in, sniff around the oven and try to figure out how they could get their teeth into whatever was […]

The World’s Freshest Margarita

23 Nov

A super refreshing drink with tons of fresh lime and smooth tequila. We added crushed ice and juiced the citrus in the Vitamix for a slushier version with extra froth. 2 parts Milagro Silver tequila 3/4 parts agave nectar 1 […]

Puebla-Style Shredded Pork (Tinga Poblana)

23 Nov

A San Antonio-inspired dish of pulled pork, spiced up with Mexican chorizo, to share with friends.


23 Nov

This April I visited San Antonio for Fiesta. I brought my Texan appetite, but no suitcase could have accommodated the right hat. Of over 100 cultural events spread out over 11 days, my favourite was NIOSA–A Night in San Old […]

Eat Your Evergreens

15 Nov

Over the last year, I’ve noticed all kinds of evergreen tree elements cropping up on menus.  They’re not the easiest thing to cook with: overdo the pine, and you risk ending up with food that tastes like mouthwash. But add […]

Lest We Forget

11 Nov

On New Year’s Eve in 1955, the Grant family distilled a small batch of whisky in Dufftown, Scotland, and then left it in peace, for the next fifty-five years. In 2011, it was transferred from its oak sherry cask into […]