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Butter Tarts for All

29 Aug

My dear friend Roisin and I both love drinking tea and scarfing down something home-baked on the side. Since she lives in Montreal and I’m in Toronto, we can’t meet up very often these days, but we still fantasize about […]

5 Surprising Things about Julia Child

23 Aug

On Wednesday August 15, I celebrated what would have been the 100th birthday of Julia Child at a party hosted by Canadian food writer and broadcaster Marion Kane. At the Cookbook Store, in Toronto, a gathering of devotees honoured Julia […]

Eat Local, Taste Global

17 Aug

It’s raining so much today that the soil has turned into clay and my flip flops have grown 3-inch wedge heels of mud and grass. The toe strap keeps popping out of its socket as I tramp through rows of veggies. But the people I’ve been brought to meet by Emily Van Halem, author of Eat Local, Taste Global, are enjoying the downpour: It has been a hot dry summer.

Chef Michael Smith’s Chocolate Chip Lentil Cookies

10 Aug

What does Canadian cuisine mean to you?

Strawberry Shortbread and Coconut Gelato

1 Aug

We’re all buzzing about the London 2012 Olympics at Reader’s Digest, especially since our cover girl, diver Jennifer Abel, won the first Canadian medal.