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Cold Honeydew and Cucumber Soup

23 Jul

Beatrice Peltre is a French food stylist, photographer and blogger based in Boston. Her blog, La Tartine Gourmande, is one of the prettiest out there–all edible flowers, dripping berry juices and soft linens on whitewashed barnwood, with images of countryside, […]

Nutty Maple and Vanilla Granola

23 Jul

The second recipe I tried from La Tartine Gourmande: Recipes for an Inspired Life was Nutty Maple and Vanilla Granola. I can see myself making big batches of Beatrice Peltre‘s rich and crunchy cereal on a regular basis. I took my […]

Jasper Carrot Soup

20 Jul

I broke up the train ride home from Vancouver to Toronto this week with a couple of days in Jasper. A big wildlife lover, I was thrilled by this mountain town. On a horseback ride along the Athabasca river, I […]

Oh Canada!

13 Jul

This week I took the train from Toronto to Vancouver. It was a four-day trip, so I packed 12 books. I read one. For the most part, all I wanted to do was watch the landscapes change and look for […]

Prosciutto-wrapped B.C. Lingcod

5 Jul

Chef Frank Pabst thinks we should all be eating more jellyfish–that and periwinkles, sea cucumber and geoduck. If we keep scarfing down Atlantic salmon, bottom-trawled cod and bluefin tuna at the rate we do now, our great grandkids won’t even […]