Archive | June, 2012

Lemon Rosemary Jelly

27 Jun

It’s a warm summer’s day, and I’m following artisanal jam and jelly maker Beverly McClare through the trees toward her herb plot at Tangled Garden.

Nigella Lawson’s Coca-Cola Cake

21 Jun

Today is Midsummer’s Day and my son just turned 17. Happy Birthday, Sean! It’s a wonderful time of year for pool parties but a terrible one for baking cakes. We hit 35 C today and it was so humid. My […]

Humphry Slocombe’s Guinness Gingerbread Ice Cream

14 Jun

My friend Andrea came over to cook with me today. She was telling me about her dad and how he used to take her and her sister out for ice cream all the time. He loved the stuff.  In fact, […]

Vikram Vij’s Mango Kulfi

7 Jun

I recently tried a really light and delicately flavoured frozen mango dessert called kulfi, prepared by Vancouver chef Vikram Vij. It was the last course of a deliciously spicy meal served at All the Best Fine Foods in Toronto. Kulfi […]

Pretty Ice Bowls

6 Jun

I’m always looking for things to inspire me as a food editor. Within minutes of landing on the blog Kitchen Vignettes, by Toronto-based videographer Aube Giroux, I realized it was goose-bumps special. The first clip I watched told a winter story […]

Peasant Bread

1 Jun

Ian McDonald has been building, charring, and repairing whisky casks for the Balvenie since he left high school. In a din of mallets and a cloud of dust, the 57-year-old cooper tilts, turns and tips barrels weighing up to 135 […]