Archive | April, 2012

Chai-spiced Creme Brulee

17 Apr

Its silky custard was softly perfumed with cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg and clove, then topped by a veneer of caramel that shattered satisfyingly with the tap of a metal spoon.

Meet the Gang

15 Apr

I feel lucky to work with such a talented bunch of freelancers on the food section for Reader’s Digest. As well as inspiring us with their stories, tasty dishes and tantalizing images, they have lots of other cool projects on the […]

Wild Food

11 Apr

When I was a little girl, my aunt Rosemary would drive my siblings and me out into the countryside near Edinburgh, the trunk of the car loaded up with plastic pails. Honey the Golden Retriever would be riding shotgun, his […]

Bob Blumer’s Karaage (Japanese Fried Chicken Nuggets)

4 Apr

In World’s Weirdest Restaurants (premiering on the Food Network tonight), Bob Blumer travels the globe in search of crazy dining experiences–everything from sitting down to dinner, buck naked, with nudists at a New York art gallery to eating curry from […]