Archive | February, 2012

Meals that Heal

22 Feb

What’s your favourite comfort food? That’s what The Scarborough Hospital asked in a recent Facebook contest, to find out what ailing people yearn for. Some said chicken soup; some, mac and cheese; some, congee—like their mother used to make. Nobody expressed a craving for the plastic-wrapped, reheated, processed food that tends to show up on hospital meal trays.

Homemade Vegetable Stock

22 Feb

In the March issue of Reader’s Digest, we’re sharing three recipes for delicious vegetarian soups. With the right toppings and a nice hunk of bread, they make hearty meals in themselves.

The Apple Pie Trail

14 Feb

Feet and arms tucked in, I’m being towed up through the forest in a tiny cart-for-one on the Ridge Runner Mountain Coaster. “Are you ready?” asks the snowboarding dude-slash-supervisor at the top, grinning. I nod, checking the seat belt buckle […]

Fondant Bee Cupcakes for Your Honey

8 Feb

In the February issue of Reader’s Digest, we feature some fabulous cupcake decorating ideas from three bakers across Canada. This adorable “Bee Mine” creation comes from TJ Peach of Susie’s Shortbreads, in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

When in Richmond…

3 Feb

Some advice for the foodie traveller landing at Vancouver International Airport… DON’T jump in a taxi for downtown Vancouver–you’ll miss out on the 400 Asian restaurants right where you are in Richmond. DO visit Osaka supermarket to ogle everything from […]