Archive | December, 2011

The World’s Best Bargain Wines

31 Dec

I made a long list of resolutions earlier this week with huge goals for every area of my life, but then today a friend shared the quote below, and it made me rethink the extreme life make-over. “So many conditions […]

Black Cake: Part Two

23 Dec

Back in September, I looked on as my friend Deborah poured half a liquor store’s worth of alcohol into a jar of dried fruit to start off her first ever black cake. Over the weeks since then, she has been […]

Honey-Drizzled Hot and Spicy Pizza

14 Dec

Three years ago, I worked with a woman called Annelise, who would receive big tubs of thick, white raw honey in the mail from her old high school friend Stella Sehn, a beekeeper and artisan living in Saskatchewan. Annelise brought […]

Sugar Plums

9 Dec

Sugar plums are rich and sweet, firm and nutty; they get their oomph from brandy and ginger. Taste- and texture-wise, they fall halfway along the spectrum between mincemeat and traditional English Christmas cake.

Chocolate-Chip and Pecan Cookies & Chocolate-Ginger Brownies

3 Dec

Yesterday I was having a hard time deciding what to make for my son’s school bake sale, so I asked Reader’s Digest’s Facebook friends for suggestions. So many tempting ideas came in–Krispie squares, chocolate covered peanut balls, Nanaimo bars–but the […]