Archive | November, 2011

Ancient Grains for a Greedy Gal

30 Nov

Have you ever tried wheat berries? I hadn’t even heard of them until last week, but now I feel like I want to have big tubs of them of them soaked, cooked, cooled and on standby in the fridge at […]

Such a Nice Kid

29 Nov

Not everybody loves goat cheese. It can smell a bit like old running shoes–but only if the goat milk isn’t processed right. If tiny bubbles of goat milk fat are allowed to burst during the cheese making process, they release […]

Tomato Plants in the Sky

23 Nov

Montrealers are so lucky: they just got their first rooftop farm. The glass houses of Lufa Farms (les fermes Lufa) gleam in the wintry sunlight, way up high atop a red-brick commercial building in the north-east of the city. For […]

Michael Smith’s Grenadian Caramel Nutmeg Chicken

17 Nov

The December issue of Reader’s Digest is just hitting newsstands, and in the holiday bird-themed food section we promise you Michael Smith’s recipe for Grenadian Caramel Nutmeg Chicken–a sweet and spicy dish that the Prince Edward Island Food Network chef […]

On Food Blogging…

11 Nov

November marks the one-year anniversary of this blog. I just wanted to say that I love writing it and I really enjoy getting your comments and seeing you engage with the topics and the recipes shared here. Writing this blog […]

Fudgy Black Bean Chocolate Brownies and Other Weight-Loss Tools

7 Nov

Kids–if you notice any of the following:
– a sudden shift in the Cadbury’s mini-bar to Tootsie Roll ratio in your trick-or-treat candy stash;
– dozens of empty candy wrappers. Not in the little kitchen garbage can though–in the gigantic outdoors garbage bin, where nobody would expect you to look;
– a whole lot of parental groaning on the bathroom scales…
lock up your loot!