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Healthy Pumpkin Muffins + 7 Uses for Pumpkin and Squash Leftovers

28 Sep

Pumpkins and squashes are the Shreks of the vegetable kingdom–massive, warty and funny-looking, yet wonderfully sweet. You often have huge quantities of flesh left over when you’re cooking or carving these beasts. Working on the October issue of Open Kitchen, we ended up with our fair share of frozen squash in the freezer. Luckily our food stylist, Signe Langford, shared a bunch of ideas with us for adding gourds to everyday dishes:

When good syrup happens to bad jellymakers

20 Sep

I was eying that great big bag of grapes from my pick with Not Far from the Tree suspiciously for a full week. Confession: I’ve never made jelly before, and I was a little daunted by all that talk of […]

Grape Jelly

13 Sep

Today I’m in Little Portugal, helping myself to grapes from a stranger’s garden.

The Best Nacho Platter Ever

5 Sep

Combining the virtuous (tomatoes, zuchini, cilantro, garlic, fresh-squeezed lime) and the indulgent (corn chips and dollops of sour cream), this is the perfect snack-for-dinner, ideal for a movie night in.