Archive | June, 2011

So Sensitive

24 Jun

My good friend Morgan can’t eat hazelnuts or pistachios. She carries an EpiPen at all times. “If I switch purses and forget it,” she says, “I literally break out in a cold sweat when I realize.” Morgan’s first allergic reaction […]

A Day in Perth County

18 Jun

It only seems natural that “slow food” (food prepared from scratch with mainly local, high quality ingredients) should be so popular in Perth County. There are several Amish and Mennonite communities here–look out for horse-drawn buggies as you zip along […]

Savoury Comfort Pie

1 Jun

The moist bread, oregano, veggie toppings and cheese in this budget-friendly recipe by Cordon Bleu-trained school cook Voula Halliday make it taste a lot like pizza, so it’s appealing to kids as well as good for them.

Fuel for School

1 Jun

You may have heard of British celeb chef Jamie Oliver’s campaign to get children on both sides of the Atlantic eating healthy school meals. There were tears along the way–and not on the part of the kids. Jamie came up […]