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Gluten-free Chocolate, Pear and Rum Upside-Down Skillet Cake

27 May

Back in January, Open Kitchen food stylist and contributor Signe Langford was throwing a dinner party for a few friends. While she stood at the stove tossing rice noodles in one of her favourite pans–a non-stick Italian thrift-store find–her budgie […]

Flavoured Salts

25 May

One day I’d love to bottle Andrea’s je ne sais quoi, but I’m happy to start by jarring her salts. Their intense colours are going to look amazing against a white plate, and they’ll add an extra pop of flavour to all kinds of dishes. Here’s how to make your own:

Crab Cakes

20 May

Whether you catch and kill your own crustacean or buy your crab pre-cooked or even canned from the grocery store, I hope you enjoy these cheeky little crab cakes from Vancouver chef Dennis Peckham of COAST–a lively seafood restaurant with a San Francisco vibe. They take minutes to make. Enjoy!

Consider the Crab

15 May

Killing stuff is not high on my list of “top things to do at the beach”–I was a vegetarian half my life. But just before I left Tofino, Chef Liam Paul from Long Beach Lodge Resort offered to teach me […]

Rajma Chawal (Kidney Beans and Rice)

6 May

As Mother’s Day approaches, I’m excited to introduce you to Meeru Dhalwala, an advocate for the simple and loving act of cooking for your kids. When Meeru, the wife and business partner of Vikram Vij, is not running the kitchen […]

Star of India

6 May

Canada’s best Indian restaurants have a new take-out item, Vij’s at Home: Relax, Honey. Meeru Dhalwala talks to Reader’s Digest contributor Dominique Ritter about her culinary inspirations, cooking with her kids and the recipe for working with and loving her […]