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Lamb on a Spit

25 Apr

“This is a tradition that the kids look forward to; it brings us together, and it keeps us together.”

Poached Halibut With Saffron and Mussels

22 Apr

The recipe Nick is sharing here is just as tasty as his cedar ice cream, but a little more straightforward. It’s a gorgeous saffron-infused halibut dish with mussels–nice and light–and he only took about 20 minutes to put it together.

Vegetarian Summer Rolls

19 Apr

It feels ironic writing about summer rolls in a week when snow and hail have made such a cruel return. Why, gods of Canadian weather, why? It’s April! Maybe these can be our culinary equivalent to the rain dance. If […]

Sea of Love

18 Apr

Vancouverite Jane Mundy loves seafood so much, she’s determined to help pull us back from the brink of a world-wide fisheries collapse. Ninety percent of the world’s predatory fish are already gone–that means your tuna mayo sandwich contains one of the world’s last 10 percent of tuna fish.

Everyone Needs to Eat

16 Apr

Blayne was dropping off surplus food from supermarkets, warehouses, catering services and hotels with all kinds of social service organizations–something he has been doing full-time for the last ten years. He loves his second career. Hop on the Second Harvest truck to find out why…

Goodies to Grow in Your Kitchen

15 Apr

I’m excited about growing some of my own food this year, but since my backyard is a favourite stomping ground of alley cats, squirrels and raccoons, I’m going to do most of the growing in my kitchen–behind closed patio doors.

7 Cool Discoveries at Granville Island Public Market

8 Apr


After Niagara Falls, which attraction in Canada do you reckon gets the most visitors? Some clues… It’s just across the water from downtown Vancouver… Once upon a time it was a rope factory… It attracts 12 million visitors every year… […]