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Braised chicken and cabbage with bread dumplings

23 Mar

Just after moving to Canada from the UK, I befriended a Serbian family. From the time I arrived at their house until I put on my coat to leave, the home-cooked food kept coming. Dumplings glistening with butter; cabbage rolls stuffed with juicy lamb and barley, caramelized onions and simple, pungent herbs; unapologetically heavy deep-fried doughnuts—the ultimate in comfort cuisine. “Eat!” my friends would boom, if I laid down my cutlery and paused to wipe grease from my chin. “Eat!”

Classic Steak

11 Mar

If we met on the beach in our swimwear, you might think I was a professional kick boxer. I’m not. I do kind of sappy workouts, like walking my dogs round the block or “restorative yoga” classes, a.k.a. glorified napping […]


4 Mar

Riesling is a great wine to stock up on because it pairs so beautifully with many different dishes. Its acidity cuts through fattier foods, making it perfect for barbecues and meaty meals. Its subtle sweetness and tropical fruit notes work well with seafood. Its lower alcohol content means you can even sip it with spicy Chinese, Thai and Indian dishes without feeling the burn. And of course, if you’re really enjoying your glass, less alcohol means less chance of an evil morning-after if you drain the bottle.